Local Resources

Name Resources / Needs Address: Phone / Email
No details given 2117 Franklin Blvd, Eugene, OR 97403, US
No details given 1465 Coburg Road, Eugene, OR 97401, US
No details given 1195 City View Street, Eugene, Oregon 97402, US

Resources: hygiene, food, childcare, transportation, meals, clothing

1545 W 22nd Ave Boys & Girls Club, Eugene, Oregon 97405, US

Resources: food-stamps, health-insurance, snap-benefits, ssi-ssdi

323 E 12th Ave, EUGENE, OR 97401, US

Resources: telehealth-counseling, youth-support, mental-health

970 W 7th Ave (not open to the public), EUGENE, OR 97401, US

Resources: crisis-line, counseling, information-and-referral

990 W 7th Ave (not open to the public), EUGENE, OR 97401, US
No details given 3171 Gateway Loop, Springfield, OR 97477, US

Resources: pets, animals

Needs: pets, animals

88530 Green Hill Rd., Eugene, OR 97402, US

Resources: Each, of, our, Salvation, Army, Corps, has, many, resources, for, local, use.

Needs: Contact, our, Emergency, Disaster, Services, office, in, the, Cascade, Division, Headquarters, for, specific, and, current, needs., 503-794-3200.

P.O. Box 1041, Eugene, OR 97439, US

Resources: emergency-response, search, rescue, welfare-checks, evacuation, security, first-aid, debris-removal, volunteers, CERT, offroad-vehicles, damage-assessment, situation-scouting

1250 Nyssa Street (Located behind JC First Christian Church) PO Box 735, Junction City, OR 97448-1123, US